The Most Efficient & Effective Way to Prepare for the AP Exam

Successfully preparing for an AP exam comes down to more than just memorizing facts upon facts. You have to know precisely what’s required of you to achieve your goal score: that is exactly what this bundle intends to do.

About the AP US History Study Guide:

Don’t make the mistake of studying information that isn’t heavily tested. Know exactly what content matters the most so that you can properly navigate your studying. The AP US History Study Guide highlights the most important content covered in each unit. The guide features thorough explanations of the three most important themes and connections from each unit.

About the How to Get a 5 Course:

Test Prep Expert, Sterling Rosado, guides students through the preparation process by first directing them to the most commonly tested topics. Sterling also provides a basic review of the overarching themes covered in US History and how they connect, information that is necessary for both the multiple choice section and the essay section of the exam. Speaking of which, this course reviews the basics for writing an effective essay, discusses the themes that are often tested in this portion of the exam, and explains how the grading system works so that students know exactly what is expected of them to perform well.