Decoding the Digital SAT Course Book: Follow Along with Nick 

Decoding the Digital SAT Video Course is the online companion to Nick The Tutor’s course book, Decoding the Digital SAT, available on Amazon. Decoding the Digital SAT is used by Nick’s educational company, Curvebreakers as the curriculum for all of its full-length SAT classes.

Online Diagnostic Digital SAT Practice Testing Platform Access

Serious about preparing for the Digital SAT? Then you’ll need an online testing platform that mimics the real exam and offers diagnostic data about your test performance.

Curvebreakers has partnered with Test Innovators to offer you the same full access at 75% off! Students can get access to all 10+ digital SAT practice exams for only $50 from Curvebreakers. As Test Innovators adds more exams, students with full access will automatically have access to all new tests.

In addition to the digital SAT practice tests in the platform, users will have access to over 700 practice exercises. Work on trouble areas with the practice exercises that cover both sections of the exam and 30 different subtypes of questions.

Hi, I’m Nick The Tutor.

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"This was a great course. I loved how the instructor walked through the entire study guide and did an entire sample essay question with us."

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