What's included in your Top 3 Most Popular AP Exam Study Guides Bundle

AP Psychology

Your AP Psychology Study Guide Includes:

⭐Definitions for all the important vocabulary.

⭐ Explanations of all the important theories and experimental terms you need to know for the exam.

AP Biology

Your AP Biology Study Guide includes:

⭐ Specific test-taking strategies & advice to tackle FRQs.

⭐ Overview of all units with an in-depth breakdown of each topic.

⭐ Highlights of the important content that is covered in each unit.

AP US History

Your AP US History Study Guide Includes:

⭐ Test-specific strategies to help you understand how to take the test and answer FRQs.

⭐ Highlights of the important content that is covered in each unit.

⭐ Thorough explanations of the three most important themes/connections from each unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I won't be taking some of these APs until next year or the year after. Will I still have access to the study guides when I need them?

Yes, after purchasing the bundle, you'll have unlimited access to each study guide. 

Can I download the study guides?

Yes, all study guides can be downloaded and saved to your device.

Who edited these study guides?

Each study guide is written by an expert on the subject or AP exam. Some of our study guide editors are AP teachers, tutors, or college students specializing in these subjects. 

What is included in the new strategy section?

Each study guide includes at least one page of strategy content. Students are directed how to best spend their time preparing for the exam, and how to effectively manage their time during the exam. For the free-response sections or written portions of the exam, AP exams experts suggest how to craft your response to earn the most points. 

Does Nick The Tutor offer additional help for AP exams? 

"How to Get a 5" online video course is available for AP US History and AP World History. There is also a short video course for AB/BC Calculus Short Answer Review. Through Nick's company Curvebreakers, 1-on-1 tutoring is available for AP exam prep. Call (516) 728-1561 to learn more.