Essay Editing Service

About This Service

Your essay will be proofread for grammar, spelling, and writing style and redlined by one of our experts. You'll receive suggested edits that can improve the readability of your essay and make the tone more impactful. While some of these edits may seem small, they can make a huge difference. Remember, college admissions officers will be expecting your essays to be diligent, thoughtful, and well-written.

You will receive this edited draft and Nick's assessment within 5 business days. Please note that this service includes ONE round of edits. Additional purchases may be necessary if a student wishes to receive more feedback.

About the "Nick Score"

Nick will grade your essay on a scale from 0 - 30. Nick determines your total score by evaluating your performance in the three categories listed below, each worth 10 points. The three categories you will be graded on are explained below.

Creativity and Originality
Creativity & Originality

How creative is your essay? Does it draw me in and leave me wanting to know more? Is it too basic, or does your essay stand out?


What do I learn about you in your essay? Could I have learned this information from your resume? Did you write about yourself or someone else?

Writing Mechanics
Writing Mechanics

How well-written is your essay? Does it adhere to standard English conventions? How are your grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

What Your "Nick Score" Means

Your total score will fall under one of the following categories. Not every school will need a perfect-scoring essay, but you should still aim to get the highest possible score to increase your likelihood of acceptance.

Less Than 15
Needs Some Work

Your essay needs improvements in two or more of the three categories. Use your rubric to determine which areas need the most work, and try your best to improve! If you are struggling, it may be best to go back to the drawing board.

15 to 20
Getting There

Your essay may need some improvements in one or more of the three categories. Make minor edits in each category to see a major difference, or make dramatic changes to one area to improve the essay overall.

20 to 25
Doing Well

Your essay may be seriously struggling in one department or needing some small adjustments in a few different areas, but you're doing well. Make appropriate changes based on your rubric, and you'll be ready to send it out in no time.

25 to 30
Almost Done

Your essay may need a few minor edits, but it's practically ready to be submitted. Congratulations! Polish off your writing, read it over one more time, and send it to the admissions department.


Nick the Tutor is not acting as your guidance counselor. This service only pertains to essays and editing services.

Please seek the advice of your guidance counselor for any other questions about the college admissions process, guidance on what schools to apply to, or how to craft other parts of your college application.

Nick the Tutor does not ghost-write essays; it is up to the student to put pen to paper and tell their story.

This service does not guarantee admission into any colleges or universities, even if a student's "Nick Score" falls into a category stating otherwise.