The Most Efficient & Effective Way to Prepare for the AP Exam

Successfully preparing for an AP exam comes down to more than just memorizing facts upon facts. You have to know precisely what’s required of you to achieve your goal score: that is exactly what this bundle intends to do.

About the AP Calculus AB Study Guide:

 Make studying easier by laying out everything you need to know. The AP Calculus AB Study Guide includes a review of all units with an in-depth breakdown of each topic and details about each subtopic for a thorough understanding of the unit. You'll know exactly what to expect when it comes time to take the exam.

About the AB/BC Calculus Short Answer Review:

The short answer section makes up 50% of your overall grade, so make sure you know the most important content and tips to perform well on this portion of the exam. Pro tutor, Brittany Verlezza, walks students through several previously administered AP questions and provides detailed explanations of the underlying concepts. She also discusses which topics and question-types appear the most regularly on this section, so that you can properly guide your future studying. Lastly, she pinpoints where students tend to lose points, so you know exactly which pitfalls to avoid!